How much does rhinoplasty cost?

The costs of rhinoplasty and the factors to consider in addition to the price

Online forums and websites offer copious amounts of information about rhinoplasty, however, they are not all perfectly accurate or reliable. The most frequent questions found online about plastic surgery concern the costs of rhinoplasty. However, while it is beyond dispute that the economic variable needs careful assessment, the cost cannot dominate the decision-making process preceding a rhinoplasty. The patient also needs to decide which surgeon possesses the technical expertise to alter the most visible part of his or her face.

What should you look for when choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon? The surgeon’s skills and level of specialization are critically important factors in choosing a surgeon. For example, is the surgeon a general ENT surgeon, a general plastic surgeon or a superspecialist, exclusively dedicated to rhinoplasty? Is he/she able to design and perform bespoke surgery? Have the risks and complications of the procedure been described clearly? These fundamental aspects of surgery depend on the qualities of the specialist, his/her team, and of course, the hospital/clinic hosting the procedure.

Choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon has to be based on rational, lucid, and calm reflection of all these tangible elements, and surpasses the superficial aspect of cost-saving.

Rhinoplasty offered at the lowest price rarely provides the best guarantees of comfort and safety. These factors become critically important in case of emergencies that – although very rare in rhinoplasty – can never be fully excluded.